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Kennel Dog Bed & Dog Litter

Kennel Dog Bed & Dog Litter

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This Kennel Dog Bed & Dog Litter from is the perfect combination for your furry companion. With a luxurious bed for your pup to relax in, and a litter box designed to contain odors and messes, this vinyl-coated metal cage gives your pup a safe spot to unwind and do their business. So you and your pup can both relax and enjoy time at home.


    • Interior: Padded with comfortable foam, for superior comfort.

    • Odor Control: Includes a built-in, odor-eliminating charcoal filter.

    • Easy Cleanup: Clean up messes quickly with the removable tray.

    • Ventilation: Openings are designed to promote air circulation.

    • Portable Design: Compact and stackable, perfect for storage or travel.

    • Lightweight: Made from lightweight yet durable steel.


This Kennel Dog Bed & Dog Litter combo gives you the ultimate convenience for you and your pup. The comfortable foam bed safely contains your pup, eliminating the need to scramble for a bed or litter pan whenever they need it. It also eliminates odors that come from a traditional litter box. The vinyl-coated steel frame has a durable, powder-coated finish that is easy to clean. And the ventilations help promote air circulation.

Package Contents

    • Kennel Dog Bed & Dog Litter.
    • Vinyl Coated Steel Cage.
    • Removable Tray and Charcoal Filter.
    • Instructions.

Frequently Asked Questions

    • Are the materials used in this Kennel Dog Bed & Dog Litter safe for pets?
    • Yes. All materials, including the vinyl-coated steel frame and bedding, are pet-safe and non-toxic.

    • Is this Kennel Dog Bed & Dog Litter easy to clean?
    • Yes. The removable tray and charcoal filter make it simple to clean up messes. And the powder-coated steel frame is easy to wipe down and keep looking new.

    • Does the Kennel Dog Bed & Dog Litter come with instructions?
    • Yes. The package comes with complete instructions on proper use and assembly.


This Kennel Dog Bed & Dog Litter weighs 8 lbs. when fully assembled.

Product Size

When fully assembled, this Kennel Dog Bed & Dog Litter measures 20' wide, 20' long, and 24' high.

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