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Kitten Nest Collapsible Tube House

Kitten Nest Collapsible Tube House

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This Cat Tunnel Cat Toy is designed for cats to have a fun and cozy time. It features a felt pom splicing design with a deformable kitten nest and a collapsible tube house. This interactive pet toy provides your cats with an enjoyable and enriching environment and is an ideal way to keep your cats entertained.


    • Felt pom splicing design
    • Deformable kitten nest
    • Collapsible tube house
    • Interactive pet toy
    • Provides a fun and cozy environment for cats


    • Provides cats with an enjoyable and enriching environment
    • Ideal way to keep cats entertained

Package Contents:

    • Cat Tunnel Cat Toy


    • Q: Can this product be washed?

      A: The felt pom splicing design should not be washed and should only be spot cleaned.

    • Q: Is this product cat-safe?

      A: Yes, this product is made from safe materials and rigorous tests were done to ensure safety of cats.


    • Approx. 4.5 oz.

Product Size:

  • 28' long

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