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Wood Cat Scratch Board Lookout

Wood Cat Scratch Board Lookout

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Keep Your Cat Entertained with this Wood Lookout Perch

Looking to give your cat the best spot to observe their surroundings? If so, then look no further than this Wood Cat Scratch Board Lookout Perch. It’s perfect for cats who love being outside and would rather always stay outside. This Wood Lookout Perch is designed to provide your cat with a comfy space to rest and enjoy the scenery.


This Wood Cat Scratch Board Lookout Perch combines the best of both worlds - a comfortable place for your cat to relax as well as a way for them to have fun and be entertained. The perch itself is made of natural wood, giving it a beautiful, rustic look that is sure to add a little charm to your yard. It also features a built in scratching post and a comfortable cushion for your furry friend to curl up on.

Features & Benefits

    • Made of Natural Wood - This perch gives off a rustic look and charm that will add a touch of class to any outdoors area.
    • Built in Scratching Post - Let your cat express their natural behavior and scratch without ruining your furniture.
    • Comfy Cushion - Your cat can curl up and relax in comfort with this comfy cushion on top of the perch.


    • Q: Is this perch durable enough for my cat to use?

      A: Yes, this perch is designed to be durable and last in whatever weather conditions. It is also scratch and bite-resistant.

    • Q: Is this perch easy to install?

      A: Yes, this perch is very easy to assemble and doesn’t require any special tools.

    • Q: Does this perch come with a cushion?

      A: Yes, this perch comes with a cushion for your cat to curl up and relax in comfort.

Size and Weight

    • Size: 27.5' x 18.5' x 15.7'

    • Weight: 6.4 lbs

This Wood Cat Scratch Board Lookout Perch is the perfect way to give your cat a place to relax while still staying entertained. With its rustic, natural wood look and built in scratching post, this perch is the ideal way to keep your cat happy and engaged.

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