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Pet Cat L-type Vertical Cat Scratch Board

Pet Cat L-type Vertical Cat Scratch Board

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Make Your Cat's Life More Exciting With Homey Market's Cat Scratch Board


Let your cats’ pounce upon their prey with Homey Market’s L-type vertical cat scratch board. This scratch board is made of corrugated paper to provide a lasting pawing surface for your cats. The board has an L shape to ensure that cats get to stretch their bodies too while they scratch. To make it more exciting, it has a ball toy that provides fun and entertainment for the cats. This board is scratch resistant and wear and tear resistant, thus ensuring durability and long-term use.


    • Made of corrugated paper for longevity and durability

    • Scratch resistant so cats can have their fun without damaging the board

    • Thick enough to remain wear and tear resistant in the long run

    • Unique L-shape design to better accommodate cats while they scratch

    • Plus a ball toy to provide 2 levels of entertainment


    • Provides long-term entertainment for cats

    • Gives cats an opportunity to practice their natural activity of clawing and scratching in a safe way

    • Helps cats to exercise and stretch their bodies

    • Helps to keep cats from clawing furniture

    • Fun and durable, it is also a great way to show love to your cats


Q: What material is this cat scratch board made of?

A: This cat scratch board is made of corrugated paper, making it durable and scratch resistant.

Q: Does it come with any added features?

A: Yes, besides its sturdy and scratch resistant surface, it comes with a ball toy to add an extra level of fun and entertainment for cats.

Q: How big is the board?

A: The board measures about 40 cm by 40 cm.

Q: How much does the board weigh?

A: The board weighs about 800g.


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