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Rainbow Interactive Cat Ball Toy

Rainbow Interactive Cat Ball Toy

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Overview: Get your cats active and engaged with the Rainbow Interactive Cat Ball Toy! This exciting toy has a built-in LED light that your cat will love chasing. It is motion-activated and will turn on when it detects your cats movement. It also has a variety of textures and shapes that your cat can explore, making it a great enrichment toy.


    • Variety of textures and shapes
    • Encourages playtime activity

Benefits: The Rainbow Interactive Cat Ball Toy provides a great way for your cats to stay active and entertained.  The variety of textures and shapes will also engage your cats and help promote healthy physical and mental development.


    • Is this toy safe for cats? Yes, this toy is made of non-toxic materials and is designed to be safe and fun for cats.

Size and Weight: The Rainbow Interactive Cat Ball Toy is 7.6 inches in diameter and weighs 8.8 ounces.

Diameter: 42 mm
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