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Kitten Toy - Self Hi Sucker Spring

Kitten Toy - Self Hi Sucker Spring

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Kitten Toy - Self Hi Sucker Spring offers cats a fun way to stay active and engaged. Its rabbit hairball design gives cats something to play with and stimulates their interest with its interactive features, such as the spring suction cup that can be attached to a surface. Through consistent use, this pet supply will help cats build their coordination and agility.

Furthermore, the suction cup allows for easy attachment to various surfaces, such as floors, walls, or even windows. This versatility ensures that kittens can enjoy the toy from different angles and locations, adding an extra layer of excitement to their playtime.

Features of Kitten Toy - Self Hi Sucker Spring:

  • Rabbit hairball design
  • Spring suction cup Toy
  • Interactive features
  • Additionally, Develops coordination and agility

Benefits of Kitten Toy - Self Hi Sucker Spring:

The Cat Toy helps cats stay active and engaged while they play with the interactive features of the product. This toy encourages cats to use their coordination and agility, while also providing them with a stimulating experience.

Package Contents:

1x  Self Hi Sucker Spring

FAQ about Kitten Toy - Self Hi Sucker Spring

Is this suitable for cats of all ages?

Yes, this cat toy is suitable for cats of all ages.


0.3 pounds

Product Size:

7.3 x 3.4 x 1.5 inches

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