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Freedom and Comfort for Your Dog with a High-Quality Dog Harness

Treat your dog to the comfort and freedom of movement they deserve with the top-rated dog harness. Our selection of dog harnesses are designed to fit a variety of sizes and shaped dogs, and to provide superior comfort and control that won't pull on, irritate, or injure your pet. The selection includes a few of the best brands, including Lupine, Chaos CO., and Coastal Pet.

Having the right harness to fit your pet's style and size will help control more powerful animals, while also providing greater freedom of movement. Every harness features different designs and colors, so you can choose a favorite that will stand out and last. Whether you are looking for something basic and simple or a high performance, high-durability harness, you are sure to find just what you need in our selection.

Why Choose a Dog Harness?

A dog harness is a great option if you have a particularly strong or feisty dog, since it puts more control easily and safely into your hands. It prevents your dog from straining and pulling too quickly away from you on walks, and it's also the perfect choice for more sedentary puppies who struggle with sore, tender necks. Harnesses also stop your dog from getting any distractions and wandering away with curious noses.

Dog harnesses reduce stress on the neck and one of the biggest advantages is that they won't rub against your pup's throat, so there's no risk of choking or injuring their sensitive throat muscles. With a harness, you can easily control your pet's movement, giving them the freedom to enjoy their daily walks with less stress.

Which Harness is the Best Choice?

When it comes to the best dog harness, the Lupine Houdini Dog Harness is a great choice. It features a lightweight, adjustable fit and is comfortable enough for extended wear. It's made with breathable mesh for maximum comfort, and it's designed with a durable, tear-resistant nylon webbing for long-term use. It also has a latch-style clip that makes it easy to get your pup in and out of the harness quickly.

For a high-performance option, the Chaos CO. Escape Proof Dog Harness with handle is top of the line. The addition of a handle gives extra control and security, while the breathable mesh is comfortable against the skin. Plus, it offers maximum adjustability for a secure fit that won't slip. It's also the perfect choice for larger pets, as the innovative design helps to evenly distribute tugging and pulling forces.

Dog Harness FAQs

    • What's the difference between a collar and a harness?
      A collar creates a loop around your pet's neck, while a harness is designed to fit over your pet's body, with straps running across the chest and around the body. Harnesses are generally considered more comfortable and secure, since they won't put pressure on the neck and can absorb the force of any pulling.

    • Do I need to measure my dog for a harness?
      Yes, since different sizes and styles of harnesses fit differently. The best dogs harnesses are adjustable, so you'll want to measure your pet to ensure you get the right size.

    • What if my pet doesn't like their harness?
      If your pet is uncomfortable or resists putting on their harness, take it slow and practice first, maybe with treats or rewards. Introduce the harness gradually, and be sure to always use a positive tone whenever introducing your pet to something new.

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